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Dictionary Conveyancing Terms

Property Law and Conveyancing Glossary of Terms

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Rates and Taxes

Taxes are levied on all property owners by the municipality. Rates are included in the levy if you buy Sectional Title. They are payable on a monthly basis and are calculated as a percentage of the value of the property. Afrikaans - Eiendomsbelasting

Rates Clearance Certificate

Issued by the local authority stating that the rates and taxes have been paid to a future date in respect of the property. Afrikaans - Munisipale Heffings Sertifikaat

Real Estate Agent

See realtor. Afrikaans - Eiendomsagent

Real Righ

A right over or in respect of immovable property and registered against the title deed of the property. Afrikaans - Saaklike Reg


A person licensed to negotiate and transact the sale of real estate on behalf of the property owner. Afrikaans - Makelaar

Registering Attorney

This attorney attends to the registration of the new bond into the name of the buyer. Afrikaans - Registreerde Prokureur

Registration of Transfer

The process whereby ownership of property transfers from the seller to the buyer via a Deed of Transfer. Afrikaans - Registrasie Van Oordrag

Repo Rate

A credit management tool used by the South African Reserve Bank to regulate customer spending in the country. Afrikaans - Repo Koers

Repossession of Property

See foreclosure. Afrikaans - Terugneming van Eiendom

Resolutive Condition

The contract is immediately binding and will remain binding unless the condition is not fulfilled.

Risk Profile

A person’s credit worthiness. Afrikaans - Risikoprofiel