Conveyancing Calculator Online

Conveyancing Calculator Online

Transfer & Bond Cost Calculators

This calculator calculates the total transfer cost and bond cost on a property. Type in your
details below, then click on the "calculate" button.


Transfer Cost Calculator

Total Amount: R 
Bond Amount: R 
Conventional Title Transfer
Sectional Title Transfer
If the sectional title purchase includes exclusive use, please select how many:
Transfer Fees Natural Persons Legal Persons
Transfer Fees
Vat @ 14%
Deeds Office Levy
Transfer Duty
Admin and Postage
Rates/Levy Clearance
Pro-Rata Rates/Levies
Exclusive Use
Deeds Office Search
Electronic Document Preparation Fee

Bond Cost Calculator

Vat 14%
Deeds Office Levy
Admin and Postage
Insurance Certificate
Bank Electronic Connection Fee
Electronic Document Preperation Fee

* Remember that most banks charge an initiation fee which may be debited to the bond account.

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