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What is a Title Deed?

A Title Deed is documentary proof of ownership in terms of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937. Each property has its own separate Title Deed. It is an important document containing all the details pertaining to a particular property. These details inter alia include:

The name of the existing owner as well as the previous owners.
A detailed property description which includes size
The purchase price of the property paid by the existing owner
Conditions applicable to the zoning, use and sale of the land
All real rights and servitudes registered in respect of the property.

The owner will normally have the Title Deed or a copy thereof in his possession. It is very important to carefully examine the Title Deed pertaining to a property before considering signature of an offer to purchase.

The Transfer of Property Process


The Act prescribes certain information to appear in a deed of sale:

  • parties to the agreement;
  • price as agreed upon and
  • property description.

FAQ Conveyancing

What is Conveyancing?

The term "CONVEYANCING" describes the legal process whereby a person, company, close corporation or trust becomes the registered and lawful owner of fixed property and ensures that such ownership cannot be challenged. It also encompasses the process of the registration of mortgage bonds. (See our brochure on "Mortgage Bonds").

Transfer Costs Quotation

Request a written conveyancing quotation. Please complete the form as completely as possible. We usually reply within the hour.

Online Conveyancing Costs Calculator

Comprehensive Online Conveyancing Calculator. This calculator calculates the total transfer cost and bond cost on a property. Type in your details then click on the "calculate" button.

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